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    Can't find any reference to this, hence the post.

    My Treo 700p screen stopped working completely; it's undamaged, but won't register any screen taps. BTW, if you try a hard reset like I did (after backing up) you'll find you can't get by the setup screen which requires you to recalibrate the touchscreen first. The solution to this resembled what I found here:

    So I got back into normal mode but screen is still disabled. Went to a webpage and noticed that it was acting as if the 5-way rocker was stuck in down position, scrolling continuously down any webpage to bottom. When I held this rocker up and touched the screen, the tap was recognized (but not w/ any accuracy.) So the screen isn't what's broken, but I don't know what is. It's wholly unusable and I'm unsure what to try next.

    - Beltane
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    This will be kluge, but if you hold the rocker up then go to the screen calibration screen, you may be able to get a workable solution.

    The navigation app, EZ Rocker may also be of value as a work-around.

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