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    I have a Centro with Sprint.

    Sometimes when I am about to make a call or perform some kind of data access I get the following message:

    "You are about to make a roaming call..."

    This happens from time to when I know I am in an area with good Sprint coverage. I think what is happening is that from time to time my signal with a Sprint tower is so weak, that my phone disconnects from the Sprint tn network and connects to a different provider's network that is stronger (i.e. the Roaming)

    My problem is that when I move from that area into an area with good Sprint coverage, my phone doesn't always automatically reconnect to the Sprint network. I can usually force it to reconnect by cycling my phone (phone off, then phone on) but this can be a pain and it doesn't always work. I sometime have to do a warm reset to get it to connect to Sprint.

    Is there an easier/quicker way to disconnect from a "roaming" network and reconnect to the Sprint network on the Centro?

    I am guessing this is a Centro issue rather than a Sprint issue, since I don't recall having this issue with my i500.

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    In your default phone app, press the device menu button and select 'Roaming Preferences' and choose 'Allow Roaming' This will allow automatic switching. Which is seamless in most cases.

    To get rid of the 'Roaming' warning, select 'Never' for out going calls and 'Never' for data connections. You'll get the connections, but you won't have the annoying roaming warning pop up.

    For data, the Centro is defaulted to EV DO. When there is no EV DO available, the Centro will automagically default to 1XRTT, which is non EV DO.

    Now sometimes, the data connection will constantly reconnect while Blazer is hunting for a EV DO data connection when there is a weak EV DO signal dropping in and out.

    If you are in a weak EV DO area, either roaming or not, dial ##3836# from the default phone app and default the data connection to 1XRTT.

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