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    I am looking at moving from a 700p to a Centro. I currently have a 8gb card in my 700p. Is there a limit on card memory for the Centro? I know it takes a different type of card from my 700p, but I am hoping I don't have to give up any memory.
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    Have you done a search on this topic? It is discussed in detail.
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    But just to be friendly, it is officially 4gb with people reporting varying success with sizes over that. Mostly the issues seem to revolve around that Palm OS reporting inaccurate memory available on the larger cards. YMMV
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    My suggestion was not being unfriendly. What one learns from reading the threads versus just a quick answer is tremendous. There are bunches of us who consistently answer these questions and if the person asking many of these questions would simply take a moment to look - something all of us are capable of doing.

    From my experience the only issue I had with a really large card was reporting the size accurately. No other problem.
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    Generally, it will take any microSD card, even though it is not "officially" supported. I think the largest is 8gb now.
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    I had problems with a 4gb Kingston and so have quite a few others. I got a Sandisk and haven't had any issues with it.
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    Agreed - just don't get a Kingston, and any size should work.
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    Lighten up bclinger. Let the mods do their own work. Telling people to search all the time is just as useless. There will always be these types of posts. Most questions answered here can be found with a search. That's true in all forums.
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    Yes you are right and one of the reasons I often do not answer questions that can be answered with a simple search.
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    I've had troubles also with Lexar Cards in the regular SD form- so much so that I haven't even bothered attempting a micro sd in the Lexar brand. From what I've gathered you can use a micro SD card higher than 4GB, but the centro will only tell you you have "X" amount of 4GB open, when in fact you have considerably more which IS still usable and WILL be accessed by the centro.

    Can anyone tell me if when using say an 8GB micro card and Card Export II, will the correct memory information be offered? I'd like to assume, yes- but am hesitant to do so. I am quickly filling up my 4GB card and looking to upgrade to a larger card, so am interested in what other folks have had success with!

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    Thanks for the replies everyone. I had seen the warnings on Kingston cards, but was unsure if the Centro would recognize an 8gb card. My 700p has issues with properly displaying card memory over 4gb as well, so that is not a concern. I just didn't want to give up space if I upgraded to the Centro.
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    I am using a 4gb Lexar card in my Centro with no problems so far.
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    8GB Sandisk works perfect for me... I got it after I had issues with a 4GB Kingston.

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