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    Does anyone know of an application that will let you set a "hot button" for the Centro's built-in video recorder application? I'm looking for some way to start a video recording with a minimum of time and effort whenever I'm in a hurry, without having to poke at the screen.

    Under normal circumstances, it takes several button presses to set up the camera and start the video recording with the parameters I want. One big problem is that if I switch to another application, then back to the camera, it always restarts in the still photo mode by default.

    I know that I could dedicate one of the four front application buttons to the Camera app, but I'd prefer not to do that, and it wouldn't solve the default startup mode problem. Therefore, I need something that will let me (for example) press two keys or buttons simultaneously and automatically jump to the Camera application already in video recording mode. Ideally I want something that will let me do this without even having to look at the screen.

    Does anyone know of an application that can accomplish this?
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    Why don't you just define the side button (the one under the volume buttons) to run the *Camcorder* app. It sounds like you might not have been aware there are separate Camcorder and Camera apps which run the same app but in the different modes that you desire.

    You can define the side button in Prefs->Buttons
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    You were right, I didn't realize Camcorder was a separate application.

    I have redefined the side button for the Camcorder and it now does exactly what I want. Thanks!
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    And if you already have something you want to use the side button for, you can make it one of your favorites in the Phone app and then assign a Key-shortcut to it and invoke it that way.

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