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    I'd love to have something that would convert a webpage easily to HTML that lower-level plam users could use to convert html files to Palm Docs. This would be something easy like a button in a toolbar, or a procedure like

    1. Do File...Save as Html to Desktop in IE/NN
    2. Drag HTML file onto a converter icon

    If not, what's the easiest way/lowest learning curve to get someone to convert HTML docs to a Palm format?
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    Will this work for you?
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    And then there's ISilo, which has a lot of followers (I haven't used it myself, though.)
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    and RichReader (registered or freeware version; both come with same converter)

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    Have you tried Coola? You set up a free account, install an application on your PDA and your desktop, then when you see something on the internet, right click, save as a Coola. It automatically converts the saved text to a memo or address. Next, time you sync, the Coola application will check at www.coola for any saved memos and download them to your PDA for viewing in your Memo application.

    You could also try the Adobe Acrobat Reader v.5. Same idea, copy and convert, but with a few more features.
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    or you could try IE2PDB
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    Originally posted by IanP
    or you could try IE2PDB
    Yes, this was already mentioned in this thread.
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    doh! many apologies bregent, I quickly scanned the list and didn't recognise your link

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