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  • Browse-It

    20 58.82%
  • Blazer

    10 29.41%
  • Other

    4 11.76%
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    Whereas Blazer is designed to work when you have a wireless connection, AvantGo allows you browse wirelessly AND sync content to handhled for offline viewing.
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    I would think that a "wired" browser would hook up through a landline connection, and a "wireless" through a cell phone, etc. According to that definition, then the browser would not know and would not care if it was "wired" or "wireless".

    Of course, if its an offline browser like the old avant-go then that's a different matter. That's definitely wired in the worst sense of the the word. More like chained.
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    So the bottom line then is that there is no free browser, regardless of whether it is wired or wireless?

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    AvantGo is sync and wireless and FREE.

    Download it at Follow the link to individual solutions and sign-up for the AvantGo Mobile Internet Service.

    If your Palm OS or Pocekt PC PDA has no form of connectivity other than syncing to a PC, then AvantGo will sync content you select to your device.

    If you PDA is connnected to the Internet via a LAN line modem, a wireless modem, a cell phone or any other LIVE Internet connection, then AvantGo will also be a live browser as well.
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