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    Hey guys! My friend needs help, I know you guys are experts and I figure this could help someone on here one day.

    My friend didn't have a contract, she's been a Sprint customer for eight years! She switched to the Simply Everything plan for $99, no contract in April. She got a call from Tele Sales less than a month later. They offered her a new, free phone. She took the bait and they locked her in for a two year contract! Her old phone was scratched up but it was working, it was just a basic phone. They didn't offer her any phones, she never heard of the Centro or Instinct. She has the Simply Everything plan and would've gotten a Centro if she knew about it!

    If that wasn't bad enough it looks like her friend got the phone wet and now they say the phone needs to get replaced through insurance, with a $50 fee, on a free phone! She's had the phone for less than two months! This is ridiculous!

    We went to a real corporate Sprint store and considered the options. They said there was almost no chance of getting a new phone upgrade but to give it a try, over the phone. They said there was nothing they could do. I had to ask for a loaner phone, they didn't even offer that!

    I found the other forum with all of the Sprint numbers listed, sorry I don't have the link handy, maybe someone could post that here for people? I called the regular CSR number, with a faster response time than *2, went through the whole sob story and all they said was there was nothing they could do. I then asked to speak with a supervisor. They said the same thing.

    I know I've seen it posted here somewhere where people got their contract extended or something and got a new phone upgrade, I just can't find it. I called the supervisor out and asked if it mattered if my friend was a customer for eight years and her response was the same, that it really didn't matter. I'm really pissed with the way Tele Sales duped my friend and how Sprint could care less.

    Any help or tips would be great! I know my stepfather did that on his Nextel account. How about calling Retentions?

    I've been away for some time, I miss you guys! lol Btw I did a couple of searches and went through the seven pages of posts on here looking for help on this before posting. Thanks!
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    Are you kidding? You accept a contract and new phone, damage your new phone, don't want to accept the insurance replacement, and now want Sprint to give you an new phone???


    Your option is to buy one at full price, or buy one on Ebay.
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    Gee thanks! lol Anyone else? I was thinking to cancel the contract, pay the ETF, go back in. I heard they credit back the ETF in that case within 30 daze. I just don't know if she could get a new phone. Any ideas or tips? Thanks!
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    I called Retentions and they said they would offer a $75 credit on a new phone. It turns out she got a one year contract when she took the deal so they offered a $70 credit if she adds a year.

    One problem is my friend has swapped phones she got from friends a couple of times in less than a year so its tough to get additional credits. I didn't know the upgrade discount limits include used phones or phones not purchased with a contract like from eBay or a friend. In other words it looks like they would've matched the upgrade discounts if she didn't swap so many used phones on her account.

    The rep. was very pleasant and helpful. The rep. said she would make a note on the account and speak with a supervisor and see if they could offer additional discounts but thought it was unlikely. I explained how this wasn't my account and that my friend would need to call back. Her name is Britney and her Sprint ID is BR13561. The call got disconnected and when I called back I was told there wasn't a way to reach a specific rep. but they could email them and have them call you back within two days. I'll post if I can get an additional discount.
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