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    So I decided to try out Type Right by Standalone... looks interesting... but there is something I cannot figure out.

    Look at the pic here...

    See the "ALL - APPS - NAME - WEB" at the top?


    I have tried every button combination I can think of and they all just make the pop up disappear. I looked for a manual or something on Standalone's site but found nothing. Can someone help me out here?
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    Spacebar or D-button or use your stylus? I am guessing. I don't have the software.
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    Just press left shift, it swaps between them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pulster View Post
    Just press left shift, it swaps between them.
    Not on my Centro it doesn't.

    I have tried every stinking key on the Centro to no avail. Using 1.03b8.
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    Update: Have been talking to the guys at StandAlone and they are now aware of it and believe it may be a change in key codes in the Centro... They are looking into it.

    Now if I can just get Vox to stop crashing on my Centro, my transition from the 700p to Centro will be complete.

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