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    I currently have a Verizon 700p that I'm happy with. I don't have a Verizon data plan, but finally figured that I just need access to two email accounts while I'm on the road during they day. One is a Gmail account, the other a standard Pop3 account.

    Any suggestions for a somewhat cheap (this is Verizon after all) data plan that will allow push email? Also, any recommendation for a program that will push the email out from Outlook 2007? I have a total of 6 accounts that I check with Outlook, but only need 2 of them pushed to the Treo.

    I'd really like to keep my Treo and not be forced into a crackberry.

    Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Do you have access to the email server settings? If so, Versamail will do what you want without haven't to push anything from Outlook. It can get it directly from the source. For outgoing email, just have it BCC your email address and set up a rule in Outlook to move those emails directly to the sent box.
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    You really only have one choice for a 700P data plan with Verizon. It is about $45/month in addition to your voice plan. Chatteremail is generally considered to be the best push email solution. If you get the Centro, you are eligible to get the $30/month data plan.
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    i'm in the same boat - i'm ready to give up on snappermail ever doing push or background loading - which should i go with, chattermail or versamail??
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    ChatterEmail far exceeds the competition. I have a license for SnapperEmail (current one) and, well, no comparison.

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