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    Now I have a new question...probably #2 of a jillion . I was checking out my Plantronics 925 bluetooth headset with the Centro, and found out that it's not compatible. I only got it a month ago, and I really like it. I called Plantronics, and they said there's evidently a bluetooth issue with the Centros. According to their CS guy, maybe the bluetooth on the phone may not actually be an audio bluetooth??? Does anyone know anything about this? Did anyone have compatibility problems with their Centros, VZW or otherwise?

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    Why do you think it's not compatible?
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    The website said it wasn't compatible...
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    Why don't you try connecting and setting it up. I'll bet it will work.
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    I have paired my old Plantronics 665 bluetooth headset with my VZW Centro and also have paired my VZW Centro with BMW's Bluetooth as well.
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    925 works with my Sprint Centro so it should work with Verizon Centro as well.

    Centro's Bluetooth is a bit sensitive so usually it is best to keep the phone on the same side as the headset.
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    I wasn't sure what to do about getting the Centro...but I went ahead and got it tonight, and so far, so good...I LOVE it! I thought I would, since I'd been stuck in a contract with the MotoQ for the last 2 years, and really missed the palm platform. You're right, the 925 paired right up with the Centro. Plantronics just didn't know what they were talking about, thank goodness. Thanks so much for your help!
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    but aren't the Palm branded Headsets re-branded versions of their plantronics counterparts?

    I've read that somewhere around here. Plus, my eyes can kind of tell.

    Maybe the plantronics folks HAVE to tell you they are not compatible out of contractual obligation to Palm.

    My Discovery 665 works perfectly with my Treo and my wife's Centro.
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