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    The loudspeaker (backside) produces quite a bit of static on low volumes, and as I turn the volume up, the speaker cracks and pops until it won't play any further. I know it is not a software issue, as headphones work fine. I've never blown a speaker in a PDA previously.

    First my massive battery drain issue, now the speaker going bad. I love this phone, but sheesh, this is getting annoying.

    BTW, I never used the program "volume care."
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    I had this and a similar problem with my phone.

    First, put the jack into the ear phone plug, jiggle and see if that resolves. That fixed problem one time when sound came and went. Something inside the plug might be lose.

    Then, I had the blown speaker problem. The above did not fix, so they swapped out, said it was unusual but it happens.

    If you have insurance, no problem. Hope this helps
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    Eh, thanks friend...It's gonna have to go back to the store. I didn't buy insurance because I've never had any problems with any of my devices (I've been lucky!). My Centro has been my favorite, but has given me more hassles than previously. Oh well, Palm has a 1 year warranty I think.
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    Well, a weird new finding. If I crank the volume up, the speaker goes out completely. Then, if I turn it over and actually blow air on the speaker, it starts working, but then stops when I cease to blow on it. Very strange behavior.
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    Bummer on the speaker issue. Let us know how it gets resolved.
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