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    I installed the Sprint 1.07 update, and it also updated Versamail to Build 86.

    I didn't check, but I believe in Build 77 it had "As Arrives" as an option in the Auto Sync preferences, to enable push. In Build 86, there is no "As arrives" option, only time intervals from 5 minutes to 12 hours.

    Am I missing something?
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    Okay, I solved my own problem.

    Seems after you do the initial download, then check auto sync at whatever time interval, then do a manual sync, you will get an alert saying "Microsoft direct push enabled" at which point "as items arrive" will now appear and be selected in the auto-sync options.
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    I wonder what's different in build 86?
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    1 difference I've found:

    When an event (appointment, contact, e-mail) gets pushed by EAS while you are running a PIM app such as Calendar/DateBk6, build77 gave an "EAS error". The event was not pushed until you exited the PIM app and waited for the next push.

    In Build86 the error is gone, but the event is not pushed and you get a notification that you need to manually sync.

    I find this very annoying because, ideally, I'd leave DateBk running all day. FYI DateBk claims their Today screen is immune from this, but I found you still have to toggle between screens before the Today screen updates. So if you just leave it on the Today screen, it never updates....and I miss my meeting.

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