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    Ok, so I've been through a few VZW smartphones in my day, starting with a Kyocera, which froze ALL the time. I have loved the palm platform, but a few years ago, bought a Treo 650 aftermarket - a big mistake! I tried to upgrade, and was talked into a 700w by the rep, and hated it. I ended up with a MotoQ, and stuck it out for the contract period (the "can't trade in more than once" thing ). So, now I'm a NE2 customer, just itching to get back to the palm platform, cuz I HATED all the problems with windows.'s my question: I read the ENTIRE thread from everyone just dying to get their Centros, waiting eagerly for Verizon to release them, and then boom! it all ended. I really didn't hear how anyone liked them. What I specifically want to know is, does anyone else live near mountains, and if so, how does this particular PDA do for reception? My house is right up against the Shenandoah National Park, and a good phone can get a call on the VZW, but not all of them can. The Q could call next door at my mom's, but that doesn't help me here!

    Does anyone else deal with this, and if so, how does your VZW Centro do? I want to get AND love this phone, but the reception is the kicker for me...

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    I don't live near any mountains, but I do love my VZW Centro. Not a day goes by when I'm not happy that I picked one up.

    Recently I took a trip down into Cumberland Falls in Ky. I didn't have any real bad reception problems down there. Maybe dropped a call, but I believe that was because I was at the edge of VZW's coverage area.
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    It ended because people are now using them. I have the VZW Centro but dont live near mountains. As a general rule it sounds like you have a location\reception problem, not a phone problem.
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    I have used enough phones to know that it's both a location/reception AND a phone issue. There are some phones that WILL work at our house (like my husband's RAZR did), and some that WILL NOT work at all. VZW is the only network that will work here, with the exception of my sister's work AT&T BB. That's why I'm trying to get input on the Centro before I get it.

    Please help me, all you experienced users!!!
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    Can't speak to VZW but I do know that the Sprint Centro gets reception in places that I could not get with my previous Sprint phone (I'm talking 4-5bars where I was roaming before). Had a hard time getting reception in my basement before and now no problem.
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    I have a co-worker who lives in a "near dead" spot, where no Treo would perform consistently but a Moto Q did. He too was dying to get back on the PalmOS, and I'm happy for him (and me) that the Centro works well at his home. He's had it since the first day VZW launched, and hasn't had a dropped or missed call yet.

    YMMV, and we're nowhere near a mountain! Good luck to you.
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    It sounds like the Centro will work really well for me, and I think I'm going to go try to get one tonight. I'll let you know how the signal works here when I get back. Maybe it will help someone else...who knows? I know I've sure missed the Palm platform, and HATE windows . I can't wait to resurrect all my old files - and find all kinds of new things .
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    Well, I went and picked up the Centro tonight, and after a couple of programming issues, it's working great here. No problem making/receiving calls so far (well, within reasonthat is). I don't expect miracles, I just want to be able to use my phone most of the time. I think my hubby is going to get a Centro now, too...he probably would've gotten one tonight, but the store was closing.

    The other issue I was concerned about was my Plantronics 925 bluetooth, because their website said that it was NOT compatible. I'd called their customer support today, since I only bought the thing a month ago and really love it. The CS rep said it wouldn't work, since according to him the bluetooth on the Centro didn't seem to have audio. I knew that couldn't be true, so I decided to just take a leap of faith. Sure enough, it hooked up right away, no problems. Yippee! I'm a VERY happy camper so far. I haven't had much time to play around yet, but so far, so good.

    Here's the one thing I haven't figured out so far...where's the space bar on the keybar??? I feel like a dummy, but it will get better.
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    The spacebar is between the "0" and "alt" keys. It doesn't light-up.
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    THANK YOU!!!
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    I hope you like your Centro. I don't live in mountains, but in a sort of bowl between large hills. The reception in general is lousy. Verizon is better than other carriers reception-wise around here. On my Centro everything is just fine, even with only one bar.

    The best phone I ever had on Verizon was a Motorola--just a cheap flip phone but it got awesome reception.

    I use a Motorola bluetooth and it doesn't work very well on the Centro compared to how it worked on my Motorola phone. I can't get more than a few feet from the phone--when I was using both Motorola products I could literally be 30 feet away from the phone and get great reception. I tend to think the problem is not in the bluetooth device, it's in the Palm device.

    And, if you haven't already discovered, it's impossible to use voice dialing via the bluetooth headset on the Palm devices :-( Again, this is a Palm problem, not a Bluetooth problem.
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    Wasn't it an option to return the phone and exchange it if it did not work?

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