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    Anyone else get a txt today or recently announcing a new critical update for all the Palm700xx flavors dealing with billing? I went to the Palm site and what was released back in September is the latest patch posted. Just trying to save myself a call to Verizon and a conversation with someone that won't know about it anyhow.

    The note I got said that I had to go to the Palm support site with a computer and follow the instructions and if an update was needed the system would update it automatically for me, ya right ;-)

    Link is here:
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    I got one and against my better judgement followed the link and performed the update (which was the MR 1.10 update)

    Now the phone just resets in a continual loop.
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    I got one and just chose to ignore it as I did not see a new update.
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    Guess it is just an effort to get everyone on MR1.10. Something in that code must allow them to bill for something. I wonder if I go back to 1.06 if my bill will be free ;-)

    jwc1844, looks like you will be getting a "new" phone from Verizon for sending out the update and making you upgrade.

    Last year during the MR1.10 debacle I finally got Verizon to send me a brand new 700p rather than the POS refurbs they were sending out. This was after 4 refurbs with various issues and one would not even provision. Got a pile of extra styli, card inserts and some other stuff out of it, and an extra battery, battery cover, sync cable and yet another stylis since they only required me to send back the main unit of the bad phones. I did have to flash it with the "_" underscore release since it was not done. I wish I would not have messed with my original (during the data problems) which required a replacement phone, then after I learned the codes to do a reset and I could have kept the old one. I had to agree to no discount for 2 years, which I think is a load load of s*it. I was out of town on business and had to have a phone, so I had to do what I had to do. This one is on full insurance, so I'm sure I will never have a problem with it. Not the case if I did not have insurance. It has been solid. My work exchange active sync has not, but the phone has been fine. Every so often, if I forget to reset it, or it does not reset itself every so often it will erase itself, but I make at least a weekly backup, so no worries there. It seems to die every-time I travel on a plane and go through two radio power off and back on cycles. Because of this I backup before I leave, before I come back and right when I get back, and reset the phone (usually battery, not just soft) after each radio on,off,on cycle. I think there is a memory leak in the phone or one of the applications I am running that toasts the phone. There is a error I get about no more memory, but I have to be at the phone when it happens. Usually I pick up the phone, it is dead and I have to reset. When it comes back it is asking for the language I want to use. This seems to be worse when I move time zones (not so much if I stay in the same one) and if I use TomTom a ton and don't reset it (or it does not reset itself, which happens fairly often when using TomTom and lots of BT connectivity. So I guess the phone is not that solid, but most of these issues I have dealt with since day one with the 700p.

    I'm holding out for an iphone or one of the iphone killers since I can't stand AT&T crappy coverage, voice quality and 3G network that is not near as fast as EVDO (at least in Utah where I live) and I have noticed that the cost on AT&T for the iphone is more for me than Verizon.
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    Got it too.

    Checked with Palm - this is just the _-1.10 update.....
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    anyone wanna try the 755 update on their 700?
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    I wish they would offer me a new phone kludge, but so far round one with customer service has not impressed me much.

    I took the phone to the local Verizon shop (they have a repair center too) and they wanted $50 to exchange it for another phone of the same make and model (a refurb).

    Imagine that?

    They send me a text message with a link saying to upgrade the phone now or else risk billing problems, and the upgrade bricks the phone, and they want me to pay to exchange for another broken phone that they have 'fixed'? I have no idea if that phone was well taken care of or was abused, and the next problem to surface with it would be mine.

    What am I paying for here? You'd think a free exchange for a refurb would be the norm - instead, I guess I'll have to send the phone back to palm (who offered to fix it if I send it to them) That may take a week or two, of which I am going to call Verizon to credit my account for the time not working....and that will be more than $50...

    Anyway, I'l let you know what happens. I am sure I could call or go back and speak with a supervisor and raise a big stink until they do what I would consider the right thing to do - but I just don't want to. No need to really, I have lots of other options for my wireless service.
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    I got 1.10 working finally!

    Thanks to someone that recommended getting out of the boot loop by removing the battery and just using the charger - that did the trick for me - got out of the loop - reformatted the sd card and copied a fresh version to the sd card and tried the update again. Failed several times, then I think on the third try it worked. Maybe my sd card is failing??
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    Anyone have any idea what billing issues are supposedly fixed by the update? Since I refuse to pay VZW's data prices I'm still running 1.06.
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    One of my co-workers wanted to use bluetooth so I tried to upgrade her old, never-upgraded but functional 700p with the underscore 1.10 firmware on Wednesday-- the upgrade bricked it, as usual. (I had substantially the same experience as Kludge had with mine, I'm on my 7th or 8th 700p). The 700p is one of the biggest lemons in the history of the industry. I will say that Verizon did all they could for me; Palm was useless.

    In spite of all of this I am actually considering a centro-- just posted a thread on it on the centro board.....
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    See here:

    I have downloaded it to my 700p but probably won't be able to use it as I'm liking the Centro and the less obscene data rates...
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    I took a look at the update but chose not to apply it.
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    A friend of mine had an issue with a bunch of international calls showing up on his bill and was told that it was because of a software vulnerability in the phone. It was all trackable and correctable, but it was a nightmare when he saw the bill...
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