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    I am using hi res option with max memory on both levels.

    Occassionally I still have my Centro lock up using Opera Mini and have to do a battery pull.

    Is there anyone using this program that never has lock ups?

    If so, what are your java settings set at>

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    4mb/32kb, double buffer on, hi res on. If you set the memory too high it tends to crash more often. Stack size should be set to highest.

    You should run the last beta release (v4.1.10781), not the final release. The final release is less stable than the last beta and it is slower because they changed the way the cache is used to workaround a memory problem, but ended up making performance worse.
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    Thanks. I'll try that option. It just seems that once every couple of days it hangs and I have to do a battery pull.

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