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    After 1 year and 7 days of reliable service, my 680 is not working correctly. I can not reliably tap the lower right side of the screen. When I tap that area nothing happens. Other areas of the screen work fine. This problem coincided with changing my Boxwave screen protector.

    Of course the failure came 7 days after my warranty ran out. I am filing a claim with Visa since the phone was purchased with that card. I have something called Warranty Manager which doubles the mfg's warranty. In the meantime I bought a new unlocked GSM 680 off ebay for $200.

    Anyone have a suggestion on what could cause this type of failure? I have tried a hard reset and recalibrating, but had no improvement. I have no screen protector on at the moment. The problem area is just the bottom right side of the screen. Other areas work fine.
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    Over this past winter (Chicago) I accidentally left my Sony Clie in my car overnight. The next day when I went to use it I found that the touch screen was off, everything would register slightly down and to the left of where it should. I did the same things you did, recalibrate, reset, etc. nothing worked. I have just had to get used to how I touch the screen.

    In your situation I would obviously assume the removal of the old screen protector has caused the sensors in that part of the screen to no longer function correctly.

    I am curious, since you purchased a new 680 off eBay, what will result if Visa finds in your favor with the additional warranty? Will they simply pay you back the $200 you just spent? Will they request the damaged phone?
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    I was using Boxwave screen protectors which have no adhesive. Not sure how removing this type of material could cause the digitizer to fail. Maybe its just a coincidence (which is what I tell the claims adjuster).

    I submitted the claim on Sunday along with the quote from Palm for $199 to repair/replace the broken 680. Visa said that they will get back to me within 5 business days with the next step.

    I will keep you posted.
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    If you installed a new protector, remove it. If not, some how the screen digitizer has gone bad. I have replaced the digitizer on just about every palm device I've ever owned. It is straight forward, but not "easy". Cost is about $20 for a digitizer.

    You open the Treo, then remove the screen. Use a single edge razor, you separate the screen from the digitizer. Use 2 sided tape to glue the new digitizer to the screen and re-install the screen. I posted a tutorital on how to re-install and check the screen in a step by step process.
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    I bought a new screen/digitizer off ebay for $50. Once the part arrives I will be studying a few notes on how to do the replacement.

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    Good news. Visa has approved my claim and is reimbursing me for the original 680 purchase. "The check is in the mail." This is the first time that I have used this benefit from Visa. There is a bit of paper work to supply them, but for $160 it was worth it.
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    You can send the unit off to these guys and they'll fix it for you:

    Treo Mail-In Repair Price : $85.00
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