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    It should, but for me it looks nothing like this. It's barebones, and many links are missing...
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    That's what mine looks like now, but I don't think it was like that immediately after I installed the update. IIRC, it took a few days before I got this new Sprint home page. If you did something like turn off images in fast mode, that might explain part of why it looks different for you, but I'm not sure that's the problem.
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    Yeah, my Vision home page looks like that on my Centro with 1.07 and it looks like that on my 700p which doesn't have the Centro 1.07 update.

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    It's a HUGE improvement over the old homepage.


    Over the weekend, Sprint customers began noticing a change to Sprint's mobile home page. Sprint has updated its mobile home page and calls the redesign Sprint Web. With Sprint Web, a Google search bar appears at the top of the home page with evolving sets of links below the search bar depending on user browsing habits. Those that perform certain searches or consistently seek the same content will see stories and links appear below the Google search bar automatically as the software learns browsing habits. The software change is free and users don't have to take any further action to use it. It is available on about 40 Sprint models today, and will expand to all Sprint phones in the coming weeks.
    Neat! I'm excited to see how advance the browsing habits follow my web activity.
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