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    Dear All,

    2 days ago all my sms were deleted and since then I can not type more than 160 characters in an sms. Previously the Treo would automatically roll-over into a new sms. Now i have upgraded the ROM to 2.12ROW, installed new carrier profiles and network profiles but am still facing the same problem. I have also done a hard reset. Can someone please tell me how to fix the problem so I can send a long sms greater than 160 characters. Sending text messages was one of the biggest reasons for going for the treo680. Please HELP!! Thanks in advance.
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    I am having this problem with 2.11ATT ROM

    What is your ROM version?
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    What exactly happens when you exceed 160 characters when trying to type a text message? Is there an error message on screen? I have an unlocked GSM Treo 680 with firmware 1.12 ROW and I can confirm that I do not have this problem. When I exceed 160 character, it simply "rolls" over onto another text message.
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    There is no error message. It only generates Sytem Error Tone and cursor just stops there.
    This problem is related to ROM version.

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