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    Im thinking about upgrading to windows vista, are there any problems with hot syncing with the centro?
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    If you mean upgrading a current PC to Vista, don't do it - it's a highly unreliable process. And you end up with Vista afterwards.

    Buying a new PC with Vista installed will naturally be more successful. But you do end up with Vista afterwards!

    Seriously, Vista is not an "upgrade" from anything other then Windows/ME or 3.1 or before.
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    For an answer that might actually be somewhat helpful...

    The main thing I know of is that Vista will only support a specific version of Palm Desktop, Access Desktop 6.2 (what's on my computer is 6.2.2). And I've had some Desktop-related issues that I don't know whether they're caused by the version or the Centro or something else entirely.

    I really only use the Install tool though, so it's not as much of an issue for me. And that works well enough to keep me happy

    I'm not a hardcore OS geek by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm decently computer-literate, and I don't really understand why people have to hate on Vista. It sure crashes this laptop a lot less than XP crashed my old laptop. Anyways, I hope my reply was more helpful than the one above me. And I <3 my Centro

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    I have a Dell Latitude D630. I upgraded from XP Pro SP3 to Vista Business SP1 last week using the Dell DVD. It took a few hours for the software to upgrade but it went fine. All the devices were recognized but the drivers were all generic MS drivers. I installed the Dell drivers and reinstalled Mcafee. Everything else worked fine, devices, programs etc..

    I also installed the Vista Palm desktop from the Palm support web-site. I didn't uninstall the old version. It upgraded the desktop for me with all my settings intact. Seems to work fine although the interface is slightly different.

    I'm using a Sprint Centro.

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