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    I have been both the ROM Tool and SD update methods to modify my ROM and partition size on my 650. I have been sucessfully doing this for some time.
    Recently I performed a partition resize and unfortunatly I placed too large a ROM for the size of the partition and the resize failed. My phone now blinks when reset as there is no ROM loaded.
    I have made this mistake before however have recovered by uploading a ROM using ROM Tool.
    My problem now however is I had a password set before this screwup. Because of this password ROM Tool cannot start (security password set) and of course I can't reset the password as there is no ROM loaded!
    Does anyone know if I can delete the password in my 650 while in this state or is the phone now bricked!!

    Please help....Tim
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    After some playing around I managed to fix things.
    For those who are interested.

    I managed to connect to the 650 bootloader via Teraterm Pro (terminal program) instead of ROM Tool and then enter the 'erase' command (as displayed in Rom Tools Debugging TAB). My 650 then happily reformatted its memory (progress displayed in Teraterm) and once finished I was able to reconnect with ROM Tool and upload a ROM.

    Happy days.....Tim
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    I know we can use ERASE command using the treo 650 restore tool but not sure if it does reset the pwd or not. Instead of pushrom/sendrom etc... you can actually type erase command.

    I never had my treo pwd protected but it did earse out the ROM.

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