Hello - I just upgraded from a VZW 700P to a VZW Centro. With my old phone, when I was at work where signal is very low I ended up setting the band to "home". Otherwise it would get in extended network and run the battery dead within a couple of hours trying but failing to get back to a VZW home tower, even if I reentered a strong signal area. Setting it to home band never allowed it to go to extended network. I would just have no signal and this was easier on the battery - and it would freeze less.

Now with the Centro, when I set it to home band, I'm still seeing it go to extended network. I just upgraded the tower info (*228 option 2) and no difference. Just now sitting in my basement, after turning on the phone radio it grabs a two bar extended network for a minute or two before jumping to a four bar home tower. Is it a known problem that it is ignoring the band setting or are there circumstances where it won't? Is this because they designed the phone for teenagers - and it too will do as it pleases?????