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    In keeping with all the comments after the Sprint ROM update, I'm doing some housekeeping.

    I had two things that broke after the update, Java and UltraSoft Money. Now it's time to clean up some old stuff. Starting with this thing called Pocket Express. It shows as "Express" with an icon of a speedometer or something like that in the Launcher. I haven't signed up (haven't given it my zipcode nor agreed to the T&C). It is useful, or is it junk?

    And are all these files on my PC associated with it?

    And if so, I'd presume all the similar named files on the device belong to it, too?
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    Yes all those files belong to it- I think its pretty much junk and a memory hog to boot! Its pretty, nice graphics, but I don't subscribe to all those wireless feeds. Let it go!

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    Now the question I hate to ask. Because I think I know the answer:

    Is there a clean way to delete it? Or do I have to delete the application, and all the data/feed files individually from the device? And then also delete the files from Program Files\palmOne\{device name}\Backup\ so they do not restore themselves at the next Hotsync?

    I have a very negative opinion anymore of any POMS app that does not have a clean uninstall routine built in. And that is most of the apps I encounter anymore!
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    Well the majority of Pocket Express is free. I like it for stock market news feeds, weather, etc. I wouldn't necessarily pay for it if it costs you data minutes or anything. Kinda nice to have around if you find yourself bored somewhere.
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    Opera (Java) still works for me after the update.
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    You can get Java working again by copying all the .prc and .pdb files from the Java zip file back onto your handheld. For some reason, my backup software couldn't back up the Java stuff very well, so I simply put all those files in a JAVA directory on my SD Card and manually copy them back onto the Palm side using FileZ after I perform a restoration.

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