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    Is there any way to view amazonunbox videos on the 755P.
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    Not directly. Basically its a DRM issue. I havent heard of any ripping program fro Amazon vids.

    You can view it INDIRECTLY over the web though with your Treo. Should work well if you have EVDO in your area.

    You need Orb. And then Kinoma 4 EX for Palm OS.

    First sign up for an account and install the orb software for XP. this way you will have access to your My Documents or Videos or music (basically anything on your computer) anywhere thru the web thru this account.

    You can then go to your orb account on Blazer, find your AMazon unbox video and it should be able to stream to Kinoma 4 EX
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    Thanks, bulls96!

    There's a few more details in a post I did on the topic:

    -- Charles Wiltgen
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