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    Just thought I'd add a new thread for anyone like myself who had trouble navigating all the responses on the earlier thread.

    I was considering bricking my 700p since I had lost my hotsync cord and cracked the touchscreen, so I went ahead and did the conversion by emailing the files to myself and unzipping to a card using Resco.

    IMMEDIATELY, I noticed a MUCH snappier treo without the significant lag between programs such as Chatter and blazer. I feel like I have a new phone now and am so grateful for this forum. To anyone considering getting rid of your 700p, you should definitely do the conversion. No more random resets and freezes which I was having with increasing regularity on my 700p.

    5 of 5 for the conversion program.
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    Is there another source other than Megauploads to get the conversion file...and to get it in zip format (not an exe file)...sparing the details, I cannot open an exe file nor navigate the Megaupload site....thanx for any leads...bfreeman117
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    Sooo much faster, thank you.
    Using a Centro with free ActiveSync at

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