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    After almost 4 years with Treos (650 and than 700p) and 5+ years with Verizon, I ported to AT&T last Friday for the iPhone 3g. There are still things the 700p did better (with 3rd party apps, like Chatter, and easy ability to tether with usbmodem), but overall I am happy with the new phone.

    Well, it's been fun and Treo + Missing Sync served me needs, but the iPhone IMO is a superior piece of hardware, and the software should catch on. The 2.0 platform, while unstable, is still far more stable than my 700p.

    Just thought I'll post this before I unsubscribe to the forum RSS feed. So long Palm. And good luck to you guys all.
    Verizon Treo 700p w/ Martin Fields and Best Skin Ever film (sold)
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    And another one bites the dust , kidding. So long.
    Using a Centro with free ActiveSync at
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    650 & 700p were two of the weakest/unstable Treos. Enjoy your new toy.
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    I decided to post here instead of starting my own thread.

    After 14 years on Verizon and nine years of using Palm devices (four using Treos), I am also moving on from the 700p to an iPhone 3G. While I had no big issues with my 700p other than a replacement for a broken speaker, I have been long disillusioned with Palm's customer service (or lack thereof), and its lack of progress with devices and OS.

    If the 800p had come out in a timely fashion, I would have stayed with Palm as I've been a loyalist for a long time.

    The iPhone is simply a better, easier to use smartphone today, and the 3G network works great in the areas I frequent.

    Hopefully Palm gets its act together. I hope this wasn't my last Palm device.
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    As long as ATT works better than it did when we left them for Verizon five years ago, I'm following suit. That is, as soon as there's a third-party voice dialing feature for the iPhone. Until then, forget it.

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