Yesterday evening I was stuck in an airport for six hours waiting for a plane to be canceled. Heavy Treo 755p use, phone use, web use eventually lead to my having to change batteries. I took the Treo offline to do this, since I knew it was a reset to the Treo. I had also experienced some intermittent card read issues during the evening, but these appeared to have gone away.

This morning, when I awoke, Safeguard made it clear that the phone had finished its 2 a.m. backups, then gone into a deathloop from which Safeguard recovered, all pointing to TakePhone and Agendus. A system diagnostic (dbFix; Tealscan) revealed that the ContactsDB-PAdd was corrupted, and every effort to run Takephone produced a reset.

Initially, I deleted the Takephone applet from the vanilla Applications manager, then I restored the files via BackupMan, as well as the ContactsDB-Padd, and had what appeared to be a stable unit.

Then, the phone started resetting every time there was an incoming call!

Eventually, I did a hard reset and full restore of my last reliable backup (obviously, not last night's) and things seem to be stable now, including TakePhone (and Agendus).

My question is, does TakePhone insist on looking to the SD card? If there are SD card issues, can those cascade into database issues which will impair TakePhone's ability to function? (It's more of a Palm OS question as relates to your software than necessarily an issue with the product).

For instance, does moving the background image to RAM reduce the likelihood of such issues?

Thanks. Looking forward to the new version.