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    I did the Sprint update by the desktop method. My firmware is correct, 1.07. But I cannot get my data back. I tried hot sync with BUBuddy, and it did not work. I tried BUBVFS, and it reboots when it gets to saved preference file, and stops. PLEASE HELP! I need my data back!
    Is there a way to use BUBVFS and not restore saved preferences? What will I lose with file? Thanks in advance for your help!
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    I am not sure I understand, but ...You may want to try the 'hot sync' again, but first :
    - right click on the 'hot sync' icon in the tray on the lower right part of you screen (on you desktop/laptop)
    - on the popup menu, select 'Custom'
    - go down to the 'Backup' list control item and change it to 'desktop overwrites handheld'
    - do another sync
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    A bit of information for those who do this in the future. I back the device up to the card first, then copy the card to the desktop. I do not do a hot sync for this operation. After copying the card to the desktop, I then format the card to clean it up. After the format, I then copy the upgrade to the card, insert the card into the device and do the upgrade.

    After the upgrade has been completed the card is then reformatted and the data originally on the card is then copied back to the card and the device then restored from the backup done.

    Following these steps means there is NO chance of deleting anything important, including the PIM files. The disadvantage is the amount of time copying from/to the card; the advantage is nothing lost. I have used this since the 650 days without a problem.
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    I used Resco Explorer's backup program, did the hotsync too, then the upgrade, then the hot sync, then restored my Resco backup, but the Centro got stuck in a loop wanting "localization settings". Had to remove the battery, get the centro to start rebooting, then it got stuck in the loop again. So I removed the battery again, got it started on a reboot did NOT click on the date/time auto button and instead re did the upgrade again.
    Did a hotsync and got my data back o.k. just some of the files like my red smilies,etc have to be reloaded and some programs are asking for registration info again. I'm guessing the Resco backup didn't work because the Centro now has a new "version number"?

    Hope the upgrade is worth all this hassle!

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    I got it working except everytime I restore the "saved preference" file, it reboots. Anyone know why? And how can I get my preferences back?
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    I don't use BUB. I did get a complete, no errors restore with Resco Backup after the update.

    I would suggest that maybe your Saved Prefs file is corrupted, or BUB is seeing something that has changed with the update.

    You probably will have to set all your reg codes and prefs for apps in a new SavedPrefs file.

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    What is contained in "saved preferences"? Also, when I was asked about the restore, are the newer "carrier profiles" on my backup better to use, or the profile that came with the 1.07 update? Thanks!
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    I just did the update via usb cable and it worked great. I backed up using NVBackup before, then restored after the update. No need to wipe my SD card at all. Everything seems to work fine, including Opera Mini.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcyphermd View Post
    What is contained in "saved preferences"? Also, when I was asked about the restore, are the newer "carrier profiles" on my backup better to use, or the profile that came with the 1.07 update? Thanks!
    Carrier profiles are kept in the ROM. These can't be changed with a hard reset. They are changed with a ROM flash (ROM update). Doing things in the RAM, like a restore won't affect Carrier Profiles. You do have RAM data base files in your backup. You don't have anything from the ROM in your backup.

    The Saved Prefs file is kept in the RAM, and is a record of reg keys that apps use, profiles and preferences for apps.

    If you can't get your Saved Prefs file back with BUB or a hotsync, it would probably be better to start fresh with a new Saved Prefs that is in your RAM by imputting all the data again. I know this is not want you want to hear/see.

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