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    Yesterday we have released the upgrade of RNS:: Memory Scanner a utility that can find everything anywhere in the built-in database memory of Palm devices.

    Version 3.0 introduces a new feature called "Scan For Errors", which you can use to scan your Palm's memory in search of database errors. It will check memory integrity and look for corrupt databases or storage errors. It may help you diagnose the reason of unexpected behavior of your device or its frequent crashes.

    Use the "Tools"=>"Scan For Errors" menu command in RNS:: Memory Scanner to take advantage of the new feature.
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    I love tools like this so I just paid for it and downloaded it and will give it a try in a few minutes.

    Great idea and works well along with my own dbSpy tool I wrote back in 1998.

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    RaNo, how does this differ from the applications by Pimlico & TealPoint?
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    Thanks, quickster.
    bclinger, Memory Scanner's "Scan For Errors" command checks for the following problems: 0 length records (or resources or appinfos), records longer then expected, accessibility of all records and databases, generally all errors that could lead to unexpected crashes or reboots at everyday PDA usage.
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