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    well im in college and need some sort of nifty application for assignments, classes and other stuff. obviously i use a palm centro so it has to be compatible with that. i tried lookin and i couldnt find anything but "due yesterday" apparently its not capable of being used with the centro
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    Assignments: ToDo list. Create a category for classwork
    Schedule: Calendar with repeating events. Create a category for classwork
    Grade tracking: make an excel spreadsheet.

    I will suggest 2Day as a replacement calendar/todo viewer.
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    Palm V-->Visor Deluxe-->Visor Prism-->Visorphone-->Treo 180-->Treo 600-->Treo 650 on Sprint-->Treo 700p-->Centro-->Diamond-->Pre-->HTC EVO 4g???!
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    Due Yesterday worked fine on my 700p - why won't it work with the Centro?
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    RNS software has a couple apps called Student and English Tester. Not sure how good they are. Here is a link:

    I've come across another one, but can't recall the maker at present. I'll try to remember. Also, people at say they can use DueYesterday, so not sure what is up there.

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