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    I just got a n810 and paired it with my 755p. On the n810, you have to specify the connection settings for the connection. I entered #777 and left the user/pass information blank. When I connected, it worked fine. However, I saw an icon on my phone that I've never seen before, a bluetooth/laptop icon where the normal bluetooth icon is. I'm wondering if this type of connection will be detected as a DUN/tether connection. For my laptop, I use USB Modem and haven't had any problems for the past several months. NOTE: when doing the Bluetooth-DUN with the n810, I did NOT start up USB Modem. It just worked.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I would say if you're NOT using USBmodem (or something similar) than it will detect the tethering. Hence the icon....

    Have you tried the BT option for USBmodem when connecting?

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    The problem is when I start USB Modem and then try to connect/pair from my n810, the n810 tries to dial sprint's data connection and can't since USB Modem has already done that. It fails.

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