I've jumped ship...

Off to the land of the iPhone. (He says as he dons his asbestos suit...)

Clearly, there are some things from the Treo I'll miss, but I think the things that are the Treo's strengths are the things I need the least from a smartphone, and vice versa RE: the iPhone.

So far, so good. Pairing with my car's bluetooth was surprisingly easy. It just worked. Quite different from the struggles I had with the 700p. Even setting up voicemail was scary easy.

Although I'll still check in once in a while, and do my best to answer questions for noobs and others who have a question that I can answer intelligently, (an unusual occurrence, granted) I'll mostly be over in the PhoneDifferent forums and other sources online.

I want to make sure the thank the very many people on these boards who were so very helpful. Many, many times, I was helped out of a jam by the kind people here. Special kudos to those who figured out the hack to get the 755p software on the 700. It didn't save mine from the huge lag between apps and such, but I know many here benefited. Quite a feat.

Good luck one and all. Thanks again!