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    I am preparing to leave Verizon and head over to AT&T, because I can save a small fortune on monthly bills between my wife's cell, my parents, her parents, and all of our land lines being AT&T, between the family plan and the unity plan.

    What would the equivalent Treo be on AT&T's network? Looks like all they sell are the Centro and the 680, neither of which appeal to me. Am I missing something? Note: Windows Mobile need not apply.

    If they don't sell a suitable model, could I just buy an unlocked Treo from eBay (intended for AT&T or tmobile) and use that? Again, though, what model?

    I'm trying really hard to stay with the Palm Treo platform, but they're not making it easy on me...
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    GSM only has 3 PalmOS phones in recent years: the very old 650, the 680 and now the centro. Otherwise you will need to move to either WinMob or another OS.
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    Palm has only released a handful of GSM phones in the past few years:

    As mentioned above, the Treo 650, 680 & Centro for Garnet devices

    And for Windows Mobile, the Treo 750 and 500 (a cheap rebranded offering not even sold in the US market) and then the upcoming WM 6.1-based Treo 850.

    So basically those ARE your options. Take 'em or leave 'em.
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