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    hello all,

    i recently bought a treo 680 on craigslist w/ the old Treo680-1.03-AT&T rom w/ stable cellular reception.. but ever since i upgraded to 1.12 rom i barely get any cellular reception. however i noticed when i went down to the states this weekend the reception was good -- yet it barely works in canada. any logical reason behind this ?

    i've tried all the various other rom versions and the problem still persists. i'm looking for a 1.03 rom downgrade, can anyone point me to a direction? the one it had originally said it was 1.03 AT&T but i would poke my eyes that it had a rogers splash screen.

    craigslist guy not responding.. what a bummer. i just have you guys left.. any help would be treotastically appreciated.

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    there is a tread about Custom roms. there you can find 1.04 ROW or 1.09 AT&T

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