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    i was wondering if anybody knew if the 650 can run on JUST external power(no battery, wall plug) i was wondering for a couple of reasons:
    for a project
    and if it can generally be done.

    is it certain pins crossed? or a short somewhere?

    I am pretty knowledgeable when it comes to electronics, but i am new to the treo's inner workings.

    I plug it up and it powers on, then says: "your battery is ALMOST EMPTY, shutting down in (30) sec"

    Just wanted to know if theres a way around that.

    i bought one from a computer surplus store for 10$ and a charger, but no battery.

    If anyone knows, it would help greatly.

    (and i don't want a battery, so don't say "go buy one")
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    If the external supply is putting out smooth DC--which is not a criteria for chargers--you could short the charging leads to the battery power leads and the Treo would "see" a good battery. In theory. But since chargers are often 'smart" and adjust their output to the battery condition, and the Palm itself is "smart" about many things, you'd have to try that to see if it would work. Try it first with a "known good" power source to make sure you have pure DC. Expect the charger to be pulsed DC and not suitable for this job.
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    i have a good regulated 5v supply, do you know which of the battery pins should i short?
    Of the six pins, there should be 2 or 3 that would be useful.
    and im not worried about screwing something up.
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    No idea. You can either test a battery (usually 2 power leads, 2 charge leads, sometimes 2 thermal sense leads) or join the Palm Developers network (free, dig around on Palm's web site) and get the technical docs for the phone.
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    Thanks for the info, ill try the palm site, but if anyone knows anything here, it would help.

    But Ive been trying to test the leads with a voltmeter by testing each one when the charger is plugged up, to see witch leads charge the battery,
    no luck as of yet.

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