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    I just upgraded from a Treo 700p to a Centro (Sprint). First I synced my Treo 700 to the desktop software before anything else. Then I installed the CD that came with the Centro. Then I synced the Centro with the same username. I was hoping that everything will be carried over except for some apps that may have compatibility issues. However, after the sync, it only carried over the basic data like contacts, memos, tasks and calendar. My question is: Is there a setting that will sync the phone settings like Favorites and Speed Dial over to the Centro. I didn't have this problem when upgrading from 600>650>700. I also wanted to sync my Splash ID application and data, but they did not carry over. Anyone know anything about these?
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    Couple of questions: Did you have hotsync backing up your device or did you set that conduit to do nothing? Did you follow the suggested upgrading routine that includes renaming your backup folder? Did you use the same hotsync name?

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