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    Hello there, I have Takephone 7.60 build(0.15) on my Centro and I noticed that under the preference for Plugins in "Find" screen, I cannot set the options to the upper part of the screen. There are only a "down" option icons. The "up" icons are just not there. I did not notice this until I installed a trial version of Takephone on my husband's new Centro. Can someone help me find the "up" icons back? I have went back to the older Takephone versions by doing a restore and they are still not there. Any help is very much appreciated.
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    If you have email/sms set to "right," then all the other plug-ins have to go "down." Set the email/sms to "left," and you get the option back to have the other ones "up."
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    Thank you so much. I didn't realize the answer is so simple...

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