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    with v1.07, Sprint Mobile EMail -> I no longer has the choice "PCS Mail"

    Does anyone else have this?
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    I do not have "PCS Mail" as a choice with version I have not run the v1.07 update yet.
    What version of SME do you have now?
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    strange! same version... I used to have the "PCS Mail" as a choice under "More Choices"
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    Sprint Tech Support reports that in 30days or so, SprintPCS EMail will no longer be available!!

    Also, is there a way to change/delete a password via sprint mobile email or do you need to delete/recreate the whole account?
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    i noticed that too .. pcs mail was missing when i had to remove and reinstall it yesterday ... whats irritated me is when i first reinstalled my mail was still going to versamail, i removed SME, deleted the accounts off versamail, reinstalled SME again, and ive not been able to get any mail pushed at all ( i use pcs and yahoo ) its been frustrating me all day

    sucks as i kinda liked it!
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