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    Typing in email is very slow. Goodlink can't keep up with my typing. It shows at least 2 or 3 words behind what I am typing. What to do?
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    Ok, lets start with the following

    Device Type, Device Firmware version, carrier, and version of GMM running.
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    Treo 750
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    I have had this happen a number of times too. Looks like you are on WM5. You should upgrade to WM6 (2.25). Also, soft reset your device as Good is a Resource hog and you need every bit of memory available. Also turn off the auto complete feature in Windows. I think that slows GMM down too.

    How is signal strength. It seems like if the Treo is trying to get a data and or voice connection that can bog down the phone too.

    Good luck
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    Autocomplete was the culprit for me as well (GMM 4.9.x, Treo 750, WM6, ATT). Once I turned that off everything was back to normal.

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