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    I have tryda, and Google maps in my Centro, but why keep both? I'm I missing something, or is Gmaps a better tool to search with?

    I also have NVBackup, but syncing with my laptop every other day should be all one needs right?

    I'm cleaning my Centro, and I see apps that make no sence to have in there.

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    I deleted TryDA after not using it for a few months. To many failed searchs. I use Google Maps all the time and it works much better for a search.

    A backup program is usefull for when your device messes up and you aren't near your desktop. Also, Not all files are defaulted to backup status and won't be backed up during a hotsync. A backup progie will back up all files in the RAM to your card, whether they are defaulted to backup status or not.

    In my opinion, most file corruptions come from a hotsync. I don't suffer from file corruptions of any kind on my Sprint 700p and Centro since I quit hotsyncing over a year ago on my 700p and I never hotsynced my Centro. Both devices are rock solid stable.

    Backup duties are handled by Resco Backup on both devices.

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    Googlemaps won't allow you to search for people, only businesses. If you don't mind going to a website, you should be fine.

    NVBackup will also allow you to restore to a brand new phone without having to be near a computer. Very handy for trips. If you use the export to ftp server, you can be up and running with a replacement phone even if your old phone was stolen inside of an hour without the use of a computer.
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    You guys make some good points for both apps. I looks like NVBackup will be reinstalled again.

    Thanks for the replies.
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    I have Tryda & NVBackup and use Google Maps and Hotsync (daily). I'm a Palm user since '98. This should tell you something. I believe in redundancy for a failsafe enterprise smartphone.
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    I feel there is nothing out there that matches tryda for what it does and the ease in which it does it. I set the state to my home state (since that's what I use the most) and never have to put in a city or zip, just the name. It's quick and easy and I love the copy to contacts feature.
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    agree! just cannot figure why it is given for free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blazorboy View Post
    agree! just cannot figure why it is given for free.

    Don't give them any ideas now.

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