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    I've had the opportunity to use three separate Sprint 755p's (all recently purchased within the past month) and all of them displayed a hardware "B" status in their Phone Info screen. They all came right out of the box with 1.07 onboard. Does anyone else have a "B" hardware 755p or perhaps received one as an insurance replacement? Just curious.

    I was surprised to find these Treos had MUCH snappier performance in informal side-by-side testing with an older "A" 755p and my 1.08 VZW 755p, even with a comparable app load. I'd put it about on par with the Centro for everything but launching Blazer and doing stuff while on a call (looking up a contact, initiating a 3-way call etc).
    Switching to & from the phone app was noticably faster and less laggy.

    These newer Treos also exhibited slightly better reception & louder speakerphone volume. Again, that CAN vary from device to device but it was encouraging to see all of the newer units performing so well. I didn't notice any major app differneces---same Blazer version and DTG is still at 8.02, for example.

    Of course, Palm has also long had wildly varying LCD quality, but I noticed the "B" 755p's to have brighter/whiter LCDs (again, Centro-like) when compared side by side with my reddish VZW 755p LCD and another older yellowish Sprint "A" 755p LCD.

    Interesting how those reports of the silver 755p "refresh" from back in April never panned out. I guess they did get the hardware up to "B" levels though and just kept on putting the new innards in the same blue housings...
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    I have a "B" rev 755p w/1.07 as you mentioned. I purchased it June 25th from Sprint. I'm please with everything about it, but have no previous Palm phone to compare to. All that bugs me besides the less-than-TX size screen is a little weakness on reception (though better than the Samsung A900 it replaced) and the speaker gets quite crackly if I bring the volume to a comfortable level when using the speaker phone. I really didn't expect to keep it, but I'm 2 days from my 30-day trial and I'm pretty sure it's a keeper.
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    I just noticed that as well but didn't know why. I have a new 755 with Rev B that replaced my 700P Rev A with the ROM software 755 upgrade flashed on. I did realize that everything now is more speedy, but thought it was the actual 755 - thanks for pointing out that its the Rev B hardware that is tuned better.
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    anyway to convert an A phone into a B phone?
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    I want to know also!!!
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    Go in store to swap it? Maybe requires insurance to swap it??

    Quote Originally Posted by cscott44 View Post
    I want to know also!!!
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    GOt a replacement phone yesterday. It now says Hardware B.

    One thing i notice is the keyboard. It seems to be less bouncy and clicky (if there's such a term) than my older Hardware A 755p. It feels much the same way as the 800w's keypad now.
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    It's getting hard to find 755p's around here. I recently had my 700p in two Sprint stores for the Access loop - since both stores were out of 700's, the second store offered me a Centro to replace it. I asked if they had a 755p. Nope. So I just told them to order me a replacement 700p via the insurance.

    Three trips to the Sprint store: $55 in gas.
    Having a working Treo: priceless.

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