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    I accidentally purged my call log history today beginning from all calls received/made/missed more than a week ago. however, i haven't synced in about two weeks. Is there a way to sync again and get all calls received/made/missed back while maintaining the record of calls i made in the last couple weeks? In other words, is there a file in the backup folder that has my call log?
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    Do you backup your Centro daily? If not, get NVBackup. If so, you can get your call log back. If you have not synched in 2 weeks and no backup, I don't think you can recover the calls you made since you synched.
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    The file you're looking for is called "PhoneCallDB", and if you haven't synced since you purged, you should be able to recover it (minus any calls you've made since then). I would copy the file to card and transfer to internal memory using Filez.
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    I just read the first post again. Are you wanting to merge a couple weeks worth of current records with your old call log? I don't know any way to do that.
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    If the purpose of this is to retrieve a missing number. Don't forget the numbers are store on your phone bill also.
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    tony, your second post is exactly what I'm trying to do. Anyone else know of a way to do that? Merging sounds like the right word to use. I suppose I want to have a continuity of calls as if the purge didn't happen at all. And thanks, TJ, for the name of the file. As a last resort, I'll just use Car Copy to copy it over.

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