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    I own both programs but I'm trying to make up my mind on which to install to my TCentro. On my T755, with Agendus Pro, I had to use another app to stop multiple alarms.
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    It's all personal preference. I use DateBk6 and am very pleased with the features.
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    Right, they're similar programs, so I'd say use whichever one you like better. Personally, I use DateBk6, and it works great for me.
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    I have been using Datebk since Version 3. It is rock solid with terrific support. I also own Agendus but each time I tried it I had too many problems with resets
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    Haven't tried Agendus since (I think) version 9).

    Have Iambic managed to cure it of its love for "Error Messages Followed By Resets"?



    ...oh, and it's DateBk>6< for me, as well.

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