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  • Verizon Dark Blue

    26 20.80%
  • ATT Light Blue

    11 8.80%
  • Sprint Red

    15 12.00%
  • Black

    44 35.20%
  • ATT White

    17 13.60%
  • Sprint Pink

    12 9.60%
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    IMO - Black but the others look good- just not for me.
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    Electric blue than black
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    Quote Originally Posted by TurboTiger View Post
    IMO - Black but the others look good- just not for me.
    Me 2
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    white then black

    (no, not being racists)
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    I voted for Blue although I have a black (use Sprint). I just think the verizon blue is still very professional without being the standard black or silver that we used to always see. I love my 755p and 800w in blue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eTard View Post
    white then black

    (no, not being racists)
    Why would we think you were being racist?

    And to answer the question, love the ATT Light Blue, then the red.
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    Electric Blue, then Cobalt Blue, then Black

    They all look great but those are my favorites
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    Mine, it's black with a slight speckling of silver...
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    There is no Option for Unlocked White. And i like the White (Grey buttons)
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    Quote Originally Posted by TurboTiger View Post
    IMO - Black but the others look good- just not for me.
    Me 3
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    Telstra white
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    I think the ATT light blue is prettier, but my Verizon dark blue is more businesslike and that's really what I need for my "image". ;-)
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    personally i would love a pink centro, but since i'm stuck with the at&t white, i'm keeping with my pink, silver, and green sparkles.
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    I voted for pink.... but I'm with AT&T and as I got it on the first day available I'm stuck with the white.
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    The white, unlocked Centro.
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    Well, since I'm vzw, then obviously the dark blue is the best color
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    Personally I really like the Cobalt Blue on the VZW Centro. A little different from the black but still professional looking, plus I like blue.
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    I finally saw the electric blue of AT&T's. Black looks much sleeker. White is second.
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    well I have a sprint pink. And that is the 1 I love.
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