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  • Verizon Dark Blue

    26 20.80%
  • ATT Light Blue

    11 8.80%
  • Sprint Red

    15 12.00%
  • Black

    44 35.20%
  • ATT White

    17 13.60%
  • Sprint Pink

    12 9.60%
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    White! I switched providers just to have that color
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    Black, and I don't know why they would even bother releasing phones locked to specific carriers if black wasn't an option. I guarantee that countless would-be buyers didn't get a Centro because their carrier didn't offfer it in black or silver.

    I'm on Sprint and have a but wouldn't have one if a businesslike color wasn't available.
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    I really like the red, which is available in Unlocked GSM now.
    I also like the light green, but that's still only Sprint.
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    Black all the way...

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    one vote for the Red Centro
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    Dare I say Sprint Green? Go GREEN!
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    wow .. suprised the verizon dark blue received so many votes.
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    Black ftw. I reckon Blue accounts for the more business centric, less out-there than Green, Red, Pink and even white.
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