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    Hi, I have a white centro and just recently unlocked it. I've never used the phone before however when I put in my tmobile sim card in and try dialing a number, it says ""YOUR PHONE IS OUT OF COVERAGE. REDIAL?"
    I would redial but it is still out of coverage. I tried doing this in the city and country and the same thing happened. Please help. Thanks1
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    Maybe the unlock failed and the phone expects another SIM card?
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    I just unlocked a AT&T branded/locked Centro an hour ago.

    It told me after I put in the unlock code:

    The SIM Lock has been removed from the phone.

    It then immediately picked up Tmobile and I was able to make a call.

    I had to pull the battery / reseat it and reboot the phone before the Data connections showed up properly in Prefs > Network (TMo VPN, Tzones etc).

    Did you follow the unlock directions properly?

    "Power on with non-cingular/ATT sim

    It will then say "Your phone cannot be used with this SIM card"

    Click ok

    Click dialpad tab, bottom of the screen far left

    Using stylus type *#*#code#

    Press the green button

    It will then say The SIM Lock has been removed from the phone.
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    Just to rule out this possibility:

    your phone isn't set to manually select the network, is it?

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    How do i unlock the centro for use on tmobile
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    does anyone know if a sprint centro can be flashed to cricket or pocket?
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    Soloyo: First the phone needs to be a GSM phone. An AT&T/Cingular phone if you will. Secondly it can be done through a few different methods, 1 you could obtain the unlock code from AT&T (fat chance sometimes), another is you could look for a cell phone repair center in your area and pay someone to do it. (this is what I did for mine). You could also google search Palm Centro Unlock and go to or a few others and submit for an unlock code. They will need your IMEI# which is located under the battery. The last option takes the longest. There is also a tool you can download and if it can be unlocked using that tool and a hotsync cable you go back to the website and put in the special code and pay x amount of money and they will provide you an unlock code. However none of these codes are available to just find on the internet, they are generated off of the IMEI# number so each code is unique to each phone.
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    I caved in and paid $19.99 to for an unlock code for a white AT&T Centro late Sunday night. Next morning, I received the unlock code via email. Followed the instructions- my white Centro now works with a T-Mobile sim card. No issues. Blazer worked without any tweaking. I use T-Mobile's total internet.

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