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    It's been about 8 years and a winding road. I started with a Visor, then a TH55 and ended with a 650. The stylus is gone, the case is worn but has lasted 3 years and still works. My last call was Friday and my last sync was yesterday. I am a Mac man and now have a T-MO iPhone. Palm, thanks for the memories. Maybe I'll be back someday.

    Good Luck everyone and Happy Treoing.
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    hope you enjoy the iPhone. Go over to the TC's sister iP blog and let us know what you think after you have had a chance to put it thru some hard use.
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    Looks like I have been booked for the same cruise also! I've been in this Palm OS / Hardware thing since the spinoff company HandSpring dropped the 'Visor ' on us in 2001. My case may be a little more of a wakeup call. Being a Mac User; I was never, ever able to 'Hotsync ' any of my Palm devices successfully; including my latest iteration ..unlocked Palm GSM Treo 650. But as many of us (Mac + Palm device users); we bucked (ignored) the first iPhone. Much of that had to do with me and most likely 'firedog341 being on T-Mobile Wireless GSM in the USA.

    I follow Mac news and Palm news on a daily basis. Almost upgraded to a Centro from a Treo 650; but the 650 kept on tickin'. Then on jUly 10th; a day before ipHone V2 was supposed to drop; My Treo 650 issued this message: "Not enough power to activate the phone". Whoa. Is someone telling me to stop making excuses and go buy an iPhone? Hmmm. I did all types of resets except HARD reset. I have to get this data of this phone before I do that. Last successful sync with Mac was in February!!! on the backup edge. Basically. ..I don't have a phone. I'm using some outdated Samsung 475 flip phone that has me beating myself to death juts trying to use SMS or see the date and time a call was made!!

    I 'm sure there are more suggestions (Like back up to SD Card) but reality .. the Palm OS is getting long in use. I hate to drop T-Mo USA; so like unlocked (I do travel to Africa and Europe extensively) iPHone Version 1 is in the stars. As far as I know; the iPhone 3G is not compatible on the 3G network of T-Mo USA. Edge should kick in on this version tho'.

    So...just a though of support. No bad words about Palm here. As a matter of fact..I'm scouring the 'Net for an unlocked GSM Centro for a fair price to hold me down until I obtain the iPhone.

    Best regards to all!
    Visor Deluxe (Green)>Treo 180g>Treo 600 (GSM)*>*Treo 650 (GSM)

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