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    I use yahoo for my email both on a computer and on the phone via SEVEN. On the computer, my signature is displayed in the body when I create and reply to emails. But on the phone, it's only when I create an email.

    I have the "append signature" button checked and my text in the field below, but is there something else I am supposed to do, or is the phone only capable of putting a signature on new emails?
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    I have a Treo 755p and I use Snappermail for 6 email accounts. Each email is set up with a signature (within Snappermail settings), so depending on which email account I use, the signature is there whether I am creating a new message, or replying.
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    It's a limitation of the Seven email program.
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    Thanks, mogulman. I'll have to remember to type it manually. Good thing it's short.

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