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    I have a BlueTooth GPS device which works nice with TomTom software. But I need something different. I would like to have a GPS mapping software, so that it would remember my bike trips (for example, to be plotted on Google Maps). Something like a GOS logger, so that it would remember the coordinates of the whole trip. I found some on PalmGear, but they were ancient and supported only serial GPS (no Bluetooth). So I am wondering if there is anything like that out there?
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    Would something like this work?

    "Grab coordinates of a bluetooth GPS and Google map it. ith a PDA and a GPS it will allow to log and track your hot laps. Providing stats with best/worst lap and sector times, overlapping laps to compare. If you have a bluetooth GPS and a PDA our sample module will grab the coordinates and render a quick map using the Google maps. A helpful tool in case you switched cars and need a quick map of your current location."
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    You may check out geoniche. I use it for geocaching, but it also has a tracking feature. I havent messed with it much, but it may be worth you checking out..

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