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    I've got a PalmOS question. Sorry if this is somewhat off topic, but I am a Visor user so...

    I've got a bunch of ToDos dated in the future and have them set to display in the DateBook. I have complete the tasks but they disappear after I check them off since that options was set as such in the options. I want to display the completed ToDos so I turned that option back on in the options and where do they show up? On today's date instead of the date I originally set them to.

    Now, I've lost the dates that they were set to since they are all now checked at today's date. I'm probably going about this the wrong way. What would be a better way of having future dates with some form of ToDo-like check marks. Is this a case for Floating Events? I've never really used those.
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    If the option to 'Record Completion Date' is checked, then when you checkoff a todo it will change the date to the date is was completed. Otherwise, it will keep the original date. I think this is your problem.
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    Where is this option at? I checked under the Todo options in DateBook and the options in Todo. Couldn't find it.

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    It's in the ToDo application, not in DateBook.

    Go to the ToDo app and tap on the "Show..." button object on the bottom of the screen.

    Then look for the "Record Completion Date" checkbox on the ToDo Preferences screen.

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