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    Quote Originally Posted by mxl360 View Post

    There's a clear plastic peice on the LED, Attached to the case. Dont forget to remove it (tweezer).

    DO NO DO THIS IF YOUR SWITCHING from GSM <->CDMA or CDMA <-> GSM. The bluetooth antenna doesn't sit correctly, so your BT antenna will not attach
    Hi, mxl:

    Thanks for your instruction!
    So if I am understanding correctly, BT antenna will be no problem if I get
    Sprint DUMMY to replace Sprint, right?

    Has there been anyone who has found a way to get around this to
    replace Sprint Centro with AT&T Dummy?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mclark2112 View Post
    Is there a source for OEM cases for the centro? I know you could get 680 and 750 shells at one point.... I saw the red shell for the sprint centro, it doesn't look like it comes with the keyboard though.
    Here are a coupld of places that have some cases:

    Palm Centro Repair Parts and Service Depot

    OEM LN PALM TREO 690 CENTRO WHITE REPLACEMENT HOUSING [centro] - $34.99 : NO CONTRACT Verizon Cell Phones, Unlocked GSM Phones by OnSaleCell

    Spare parts faceplate FOR PALM CENTRO

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